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Charter fishing boats available in Australia

Most Australians enjoy going on a fishing charter. If the weather is good and the weekend or a holiday period is coming up the phones at the fishing charter operators offices start to ring with interested patrons getting their charter organised. Fishing charters in Australia come in many different varieties. The well heeled will take a big game fishing boat from Cairns or Beramgui and go out to the reef edge or the Continental shelf chasing Black marlin, Sailfish, and Sword fish. The average family guy likes nothing better than a bottom bashing charter to target tasty reef fish like Coral Trout and Emporer or in the southern states beautiful eating fish like Snapper, Pearl Perch or Western Australian Dhufish.

SnapperGiant TrevallyCoral Trout

All around Australia there is a demand for charter fishing and it doesn't matter where you go you will always be able to find a charter operator ready and waiting to take you fishing. Many international fishermen also like to come to Australia as the fishing is so varied. Fly fishing for trout in a mountain stream in Tasmania or the Snowy Mountains has a strong following and many internationals want to come to the Northern Territory to fight with a meter plus Barramundi. Cairns is a game fishing icon and some of the largest Black, Blue and Striped Marlin have been landed here. The American fishing icon, Zane Grey, put the north Queensland region on the map decades ago with annual visits trying to break the world record for this type of fishing.

In the Whitsundays region on the central Queensland coast, there is a popular charter fishing industry. The waters out from Mackay are especially prolific and there are a number of excellent Mackay fishing charter operators in the region. The winter months here usually turn on lots of excellent fishing weather and large ctches of Large Mouth Nannygai, Coral Trout, Spanish Mackeral, Giant trevally and many other excellent table and sport fish being caught in large numbers.

CobiaSpanish MackerelTuna

The Kimberly district is also world famous for its sport fishing with many different species being targeted in some of the worlds most prolific waters. Fish stocks in Australia are stringently protected with many new green zones and marine parks where fishing is prohibited which gives the stocks of fish a chance to recover, especially in places that have been overfished in the past.

If you are a casual fisherman and you like to get out there every so often and wet a line, there is no better option than to go out on one of the many charter fishing boats available in Australia.