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Holiday Information for Bundaberg & Bargara, Queensland, Australia.

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Bundaberg and Bargara are the two major centers at the southern end of Queensland's Discovery coast. Bundaberg is the larger of the two and is the commercial center for a large agricultural region whose most prolific product is sugar cane. The volcanic red soil plains of the Isis and Burnett regions are one of the richest agricultural regions in the country. Local farmers, in addition to sugar cane, grow lots of fresh vegetables, nuts, melons and many other food products. In Bundaberg itself, is the world famous Bundaberg Rum factory and its produce is exported to the ends of the earth. Tours of the Bundaberg Rum distillery are available regularly. Ancillary industries like Schmeiders Cooperage and also very interesting to visit and you can watch the tradesmen at work while they practice their ancient art of wooden barrel making. Other places to visit include the Flying High bird sanctuary at Apple Tree Creek and the Snakes Downunder display near Childers.

Bargara is the coastal resort town on the ocean front close to Bundaberg. There has been a real estate boom here and there is now a lot of excellent resort style Bargara accommodation, right on the local beachfront. Bargara is a popular holiday and retirement destination. There are two excellent golf courses, a really nice waterfront hotel and several other accommodation providers like motels and bed and breakfasts. The beach at Mon Repos, which is situated just north of Bargara, is one of Australia's most important turtle rookery’s and four different types of turtle come here every year to lay their eggs in the sand and start their breeding cycle. There is a turtle information center at the Mon Repos beach, which is run by the Dept of Environment and heritage, where you can gather information about the turtles and rangers take tours onto the beach to show you the females as they come ashore and also to see the hatchlings emerge from the sand and make their way across the beach to start their lives in the ocean.

This is a great region to visit during your Australian Holiday, so come and drink some Bundaberg Rum and see the turtle hatchlings near Bargara.