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Australian holiday information for Coolangatta, Queensland.

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Coolangatta is historically one of the Gold Coast's most popular tourist destinations. Many Australian families have come to Coolangatta on the Gold Coast for generations to experience the wonderful beachside holiday lifestyle for which Coolangatta has become famous. Coolangatta lies on the northern banks of the Tweed River, which forms the boundary between New South Wales and Queensland and the whole district is a scenic paradise. The coast is famous for its fabulous surfing beaches and the river is a popular fishing and camping destination. There is plenty of great holiday lodgings in apartments and resorts and some great local golf courses and the like.

In the hinterland behind Coolangatta is some of Australia's best scenery. Mt Warning lies near the center of a huge ancient volcano crater and the surrounding region is fertile and covered with magnificent rainforests. The coastline is a procession of great beaches and spectacular headlands and there is always another one to explore the next day. The Tweed River gives holiday makers the ability to access the open ocean over the Tweed River bar and places like Cook Island which lies just offshore, are fantastic dive and fishing destinations. Whale watching trips also operate over the bar from Coolangatta and Tweed heads.

Coolangatta has a fabulous commercial center with lots of great shopping. The beach front is lined with modern resorts and plenty of good restaurants and cafés. Alfresco dining venues on the beachfront give Coolangatta a wonderful holiday ambience. The history of Coolangatta as a holiday destination goes right back to the twenties when neck to knee bathing costumes were all the rage and Coolangatta was the beach party headquarters for the young and single holiday set. The beach parties that were held here have become part of Coolangatta's folk law and it was certainly the center of the Gold Coast in those days. The newer centers of Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise and Main Beach have only become popular in relatively recent times with the first hotels being built there in the sixties.

If you are looking to plan and book an Australian holiday be sure to spend a couple of days in Coolangatta on your way around the country.

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