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Australian holiday information for Country Qld

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Country destinations in Queensland, Australia are really popular with tourists wanting to get the feel of the country. Queensland has a wide range of climatic profiles so the different regions all have something totally different to offer. In the south, areas like the Granite Belt are agricultural regions and wine growing and stone fruit orchards are the main industry's. The region is well elevated and can be extremely cold in the winter. Stanthorpe is the major town here and winter snowfalls are common, however there is never enough for ski resorts. Many tourists like to travel an inland route as the head north through the state. Towns like Warwick, Toowoomba, Roma, and Charleville are all popular destinations especially for those taking a campervan or motor home holiday or taking an organized tour of Queensland.

As you travel further west towards the outback the more arid the countryside becomes. For this reason many tourists don't go much further west than this and they then follow the inland highway through to Barcaldine and Longreach. The Queensland gemfields are another popular country destination and Emerald is a popular stopover. Longreach is famous for the Qantas air museum and the "Stockmans Hall of Fame" which is a fabulous display about the history of farming life in the Australian outback. Just north from Longreach is the grazing town of Winton and along this stretch of highway you will come across the "Walkabout Creek Hotel" made famous by Paul Hogan in the Crocodile Dundee series of movies.

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The further you travel to the north, in country Queensland, the hotter it will get. The countryside becomes more sparsely populated and the land more arid. By the time you get to places like Cloncurry and Mt Isa, mining has taken over as the main industry and these towns have produced enormous wealth from the mineral deposits that have been mined here for over a century. Further north in the Gulf country, mangrove lined river deltas are home to crocodiles and barramundi.

Throughout country Queensland, you will never be far from seeing Australia's unique wildlife. Red kangaroo, Emus, Brolga and Echidna are common sights. If you are driving at night you need to exercise extreme caution as a large kangaroo can cause a lot of damage if you hit it at speed. It dosn't do the Kangaroo much good either and we would like to save it so the next tourist can see it as well.

Any holiday in Australia should include a visit to country regions and Queensland as some of the most interesting.

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