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Cradle Mountain, Tasmania - Australia. Holidays, Tours and Travel.

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Cradle Mountain is the gateway to the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park, a World Heritage Listed wilderness that is easily reached from either Hobart or Launceston and holds many wonders from wildlife, lakes, alpine flora and fauna. Cradle Mountains and The Great Western Tiers and Devonport region is made up of rugged cliff tops, stunning scenery, breathtaking seaside communities and quaint farming towns. There is a multitude of walking tracks and hiking trails that you can embark upon one of them being the world famous Overland Track.

With its glaciated crags, Australia's deepest natural freshwater Lake St Clair and the highest mountain in Tasmania, Mount Ossa, the Cradle Mountain region is a spectacular place that is ideal for romantic getaways, honeymoon and a special vacation where you can tuck yourself away and feel like there is no one around for miles. There are wonderful places to book into, where you can indulge your every whim! With spa baths that look out over the mountain ranges, quaint cottage retreats with all the trimmings, open log fire to cosy up around and plenty more inclusions that are sure to delight, you will find the perfect place for your trip away to Cradle Mountain with plenty of things to do.

You can wake up to the call of nature and just laze away your days on the balcony and soaking up the pure essence that captivates you or perhaps you are one to really enjoy the great outdoors so why not embark on one of the many adventures that Cradle Mountains is so famous for. There are so many one day and extended overnight bush walks that are great for all fitness levels where you can experience much of the wonder that is the Cradle Mountain region.

There is 1262 square kilometers to explore, with plenty of lookouts, vantage points and activities to keep you entertained. Right from where ever you might be staying you can step straight out into the wilderness and enjoy walks, eco tours, nature tours and plenty of attractions. See beautiful mountain pools, swim in the Lake St Clair or see ice capped cliff tops as you take to one of the walking tracks. The Overland Track is something that many people from all over the world come to explore that will take you around 6 days at an easy pace. There are different detours that you can do along the way and if you plan to do the journey in winter you must be an experienced walker.

Within the area you can stay at hotels in Moina and also make your way to Cynthia Bay where there is plenty of water activities for all to enjoy. From sitting at the foot of Cradle Mountain at Dove Lake, taking the boardwalk that was recently constructed through Cradle Valley or perhaps even jumping on the free bus to the Parks and Wildlife Centre to learn more about the region, there is just an endless supply of wonderful things to see and do while you are relaxing and rejuvenating the body mind and soul while you are here. There is also a boardwalk around Dove Lake for you to do which is classed as one of Tasmania's greatest short walks. With the weather being sometime unpredictable you must always be prepared for anything! Pack something warm even if you are visiting in summer as the days can sometime be fresh and damp. And for people taking the Overland Track you must pack your own camping supplies as there is no accommodation along the way.

Cradle Mountain is a stunning place which creates the perfect setting for all types of vacations. But thing is for sure, and that is you will leave feeling relaxed and at peace after spending time within this World Heritage Listed region that exudes luxury personified.

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