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Australian Holiday Cruises

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A cruise, in Australia, is one of the country's most favourite pastimes. Large cruise liners and ships have regular departure dates from most Australian cities and destinations ranging from remote areas like the Kimberly in Western Australia, The Great Barrier Reef of the coast of Queensland, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. New Zealand is another popular destination. There are also many specialist cruises on offer in many of the country's popular tourist destinations. In the Whitsundays, for instance, there is a huge industry for people wanting to cruise through the Whitsunday Passage on a luxury charter yacht and in Cairns, the dive industry has cruises to fabulous reefs and dive sites.

It doesn't matter where abouts in Australia that you want to go away to sea, there will be a cruise waiting to show you the places that you have always wanted to visit. Some of our coastline is so remote that the only way to see them is to join a cruise. The Kimberley region is one of these so if you are wanting to visit this special region, then you must book on a cruise if you want to see many of the spectacular tourist icons.

PO Cruises

Sydney and Brisbane both have several large companies like P&O Cruises that have regular cruising schedules that visit many of the most beautiful islands in the South Pacific, Canada and the USA and there is no more relaxing way to spend a couple of weeks than enjoying all the facilities and spectacular ports of call that you can visit on an extended cruise on a modern cruise liner.

Cruising is easy on the pocket. Virtually everything except alcohol is included in the price, so you are not forever putting your hand in your packet for extras. Everything is paid before you leave so the only thing left for you to do is have a great time. An Australian Cruise is definitely the best way to go for a relaxing holiday.