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An Australian diving holiday will provide some of the best diving that you can experience anywhere on the planet from dive tours that include the Great Barrier Reef if Queensland, diving with Great White Sharks in South Australia or even snorkelling with whale sharks near Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. These crystal blue waters are some of the most sought after dive locations in the world that people from all around come to witness for themselves, whether you snorkel or go diving.

From the tip of Queensland as far north as Cape York and on down to Port Douglas, Airlie Beach, Cairns, and the Whitsundays, from any of these famous holiday destinations in the sunshine state you can easily access the beautiful Great Barrier Reef where snorkelling and diving is at its very best. From intricate interlocking reefs, hundreds of marine species, amazing coral gardens all caped off with azure blue waters makes for a very pleasurable diving adventure. Dive secluded coral cays and swim with manta rays, see passing whales on their migratory path or get up close and personal with a potato cod. Further south from Tweed Heads in northern New South Wales to the Central Coast and beyond there are wondrous dive sites, bommies and ship wrecks and even more just waiting to be explored from vantage points such as Byron Bay, Sydney, Coffs Harbour and Newcastle. There are several marine parks along the NSW coastline where you can find exotic marine species, sharks and caves to experience.

If you simply cannot get enough why not make your way to Victoria where you will find the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Port Phillip Bay and plenty of dive sites along the Great Ocean Road. There are ship wrecks galore and extensive reef systems that provide plenty of fun and adventure for beginners through to the more advanced divers. You must also dive the Gippsland coastline which can be quiet rugged but provides amazing underwater gardens! Around to the west you will find the coastline of South Australia where you can have the chance to not only experience some more of Australia’s finest dive sites but also get to swim with Great White Sharks if you are to it.

Further around to the west you will come to Western Australia where there is hundreds of kilometres of coastline where you will find ample diving adventures, coral gardens and bays that provide excellent snorkelling. From Perth all the way up through the Coral Coast including Shark Bay, Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth and the beautiful Abolhos Islands you will find turquoise waters, an abundance of marine life, the world largest fish the whale shark, shipwrecks and stunning marine parks that you will not be able to get enough of. From Western Australia to the Northern Territory take time to explore off the coast of Darwin and is neighbouring islands where diving is second to none. There are plenty of offshore islands that you can easily access that provide a profound amount of wonderful marine life as do the Melville Islands and the numerous dive sites within the Gulf of Carpentaria. The Darwin Harbour itself provides a great deal of local dive sites that you can also enjoy plenty of adventures on with ship wrecks and manmade reefs that were created from both WWII and Cyclone Tracy that scattered debis through the Darwin Harbour when it passed through many years ago.

An Australia diving holiday will be an experience of a lifetime, so start finding out about the Great Barrier Reef and the other numerous dive spots that you can explore right around the Australian coastline.