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Exmouth, Australia. Cruises, Holidays, Tours and Travel.

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If you are searching for the ideal coastal community, where there is paradise just below the water level. In Exmouth you can explore wondrous countryside with plunge pools, waterfalls, river systems and deep gorges, where you can laze in beautiful foreshore parklands enjoying picnic in the sun and a game of cricket with friends and family or you simply look for a destination where you can relax, unwind and soak up a lifestyle that is laidback, welcoming and vibrancy. Well look no further than Exmouth in far north Western Australia, located along the coastline where the dolphins, whales and sea animals come to play!

With flights arriving daily, a scenic drive from Perth and coach routes being able to be booked you can begin your trip to Exmouth as quickly as you like. Here you will have Cape Range National Park to the east and the famous Ningaloo Reef to the west, so you can have the best of both worlds. Explore waterways and river systems, take a four wheel driving tour through the National Park, go gorge hiking and see attractions such as Shothole and Charles Knife canyons. Discover deep caves and come across a variety of bush animals like wallabies, reptiles, birds and other outback mammals all for yourself.

Exmouth is where the stunning outback meets the pristine coastline, where you can swim with whale sharks, dive with dolphins and whales or swim upon the Ningaloo Reef where you will discover and underwater world that will leave you spell bound. Reef fish, turtles, sea snakes and mantra rays among others all call these waters home that you can see when you join one of the charters that depart daily for the open waters. Throw in a line on a reef fishing charter to see what you can reel in or take a whale watching cruise with the kids!

With cafes, fine dining restaurants, pubs, taverns and bars there are a selection of choices when it comes to dining out, whether it be with the family or just for the two of you. And booking accommodation in Exmouth is great with many styles of holiday accommodation available from resorts that are great for families, romantic retreats, luxury apartments, budget Exmouth hotels, caravan parks and backpacker hostels.

You can always find so many great and wonderful things to see and do in Exmouth, from the simply pleasure of lazing on the beach, to playing beach volleyball with friends, walking the coastal walks, go shopping, enjoying sumptuous delights at the restaurants, having a holiday filled with sunshine and seeing natural and manmade attractions along the way. Exmouth is a holiday destination for all travellers, from nature lovers, food lovers, adventure seekers and anyone just wishing to have a laid back holiday in the sun. You can join a range of tours that operate all year round when you are here or you can make up your own itinerary as you go along.

So for a holiday where you can swim with whale sharks, see breaching whales, explore canyons and deep gorges, walk along pristine beaches and visit many famous attractions along the way, you simply cannot go past the chance to holiday in Exmouth.