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Holidays on the Fraser Coast, Quensland, Australia.

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No Australian holiday is complete without a visit to the Fraser Coast region on Queensland's east coast. The Fraser Coast starts at Rainbow beach in the South and covers the majestic beauty of Fraser Island, The resort town of Hervey Bay and the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef and lady Elliot Island. Mostly it is known as the Great Sandy region and encompasses the Great Sandy National Park. The entire area is world heritage listed. Fraser Island itself is the world's largest sand island and it is totally unique in the world. It is the only place in the world where rain forests grow in sand. It is home to many lakes that come in two different types. The first is the window lake and Lake McKenzie is a perfect example of this. These lakes occur when the islands water table protrudes above the island's surface. The main features of these lakes are the perfect clarity of the waters and the whiteness of the pure silica sand. They are lakes of rare beauty and purity. The other lakes on Fraser Island are called perched lakes and these occur when rotting vegetable matter like leaves and the like that drop into the lake and form a liner that is impervious to water. Although the water in these lakes is pure, it is commonly TiTree stained from the tannins in the TiTree leaves that form the majority of the base of the lake. Fraser Island is the home of the largest and most of the worlds perched lakes. There lakes are commonly home to a number of small native tortoises. There are many creeks and streams that drain from the island that are also full of extremely pure fresh water.

Maheno Wreck, Fraser Island, Fraser CoastHervey Bay Pier, Fraser CoastHervey Bay Whale Watching, Fraser Coast

Hervey Bay is the main jumping off point for Fraser Island. There are many tours that originate from here and there is also plenty of accommodation for visitors. This region is one of the icons of the international backpacker's itineraries and consequently, Hervey Bay as a number of quality backpacker hostels to stay at. There is also plenty of quality resort style accommodation for the many visitors who come here both to enjoy the beauty of Fraser Island but also to participate in a tour to see the many Humpback Whales that visit Hervey Bay during the months from July to November each year. This place is known as the whale watching capital of the world as it is one of the few places where you can watch whales, with guaranteed sightings and all in calm water.

Eli Creek, Fraser Island, Fraser CoastAerial View of Lady Elliot Island, Fraser CoastPepper Resort Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast

The southern end of the Great Barrier Reef lies just offshore and you can Visit Lady Elliot Island for either a day tour or for an extended stay. This island is a true coral cay and it is located right on top of the reef, so you can walk in off the beach and start snorkeling or diving. The island is only accessible by air from Hervey Bay or Bundaberg. It is probably the most reasonably priced island resort in Australia and the diving is reputed to be the best on the whole Great Barrier Reef system.

Any Australian holiday is incomplete until you have paid a visit to the Fraser Coast region.

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