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Holiday information for Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

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Fraser Island is one of Australia's most special holiday and tourist destinations. It is the largest sand island in the world and the only place that has rain forests growing in sand. It is also interspersed with many unique lakes. This is the home of the largest perched lakes in the world and also some of the most spectacular window lakes imaginable. The whole region is World Heritage listed and part of the Great Sandy Region National Park. In the past, at different times, the island has been ravaged by timber cutting and sand mining, however this damage has now been repaired. During the construction of the Suez Canal many thousands of huge Satinay trees were felled here to line the shores of the canal. The Satinay is unique to Fraser Island and is one of the world's hardest timbers. It is impervious to marine worms and parasites and lasts almost indefinitely when immersed in salt water.

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Today, Fraser Island is a pristine coastal paradise. Its native wildlife and vegetation are fantastic attractions to the region. It still lies mostly in its natural state as there are no made roads on the island and only limited areas where habitation and Fraser Island accommodation is permitted. The ocean beach runs for miles and is now the islands major highway, linking the small population centers on the ocean side. The daily tides remove all evidence of the previous days traffic. Only four wheel drive vehicles are permitted on Fraser Island and if you don’t have one, they can be hired in nearby Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach.

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The forests on Fraser Island are amazing. At places like Central Station you can walk among forest giants of many species. Kauri Pine, Satinay, Hoop Pine, Rose Gums, and many other eucalypts thrive here. Woongoolba Creek runs through Central Station and you can follow the board walk to Pile Valley, following the crystal clear waters in the stream. An understory of King Ferns and Cycads produces a fantastic array of colour and texture. You can also walk to Lake Mackenzie from here and this is one of Fraser Island's most special places. The lake is a perfect example of a window lake, where the water table breaks through the sandy surface of the island. The sand here is crystal clear, white silica sand and the waters of the lake are more pure than the best filtered drinking water.

If you come to see Fraser island you can stay at a resort on the inshore side or the ocean side. You can camp on the island or you can take one of the many organized tours that will take you to see all of the islands most important beauty spots. Whatever you do, when you come to Australia, for a holiday don't miss out on seeing Fraser Island.

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