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Hamilton Island Accommodation, Australia.

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Choosing accommodation on Hamilton Island is something a traveller can do with confidence. Many resorts turn out to be a dissapointment when visitors arrive, having visions in their mind created by glossy brochures and professional internet photos, and when they arrive dissapoinment sets in when they discover the reality is not the same as the vision. This will not happen if you choose to stay at Hamilton Island. This resort delivers what it promises and in some cases overdelivers which creates a true sense of satisfaction.

The secret to the quality of the accommodation on Hamilton Island lies in the regular refurbishments and new building programs. The Reef view Hotel provides the bulk of the accommodation at Hamilton Island resort and it has had several regular refurbishments. The same thing goes for the Beach Club Resort. New accommodation at Qualia resort and in the areas surrounding the Hamilton Island marina are now providing the most luxurious places to stay anywhere in the Whitsundays.

Hamilton Island has recently built several new features that enhance both the quality of the accommodation on the island as well as the quality of the holiday expereince for the visitor. The new Hamilton Island golf course on nearby Dent Island is a case in point. This golf course is a masterpiece, designed by Peter Thomson and built around the natural features of the island it provides a professional challenge for any golfer. The new Hamilton Island Yacht club and the adjoining Yacht Club Villas provide a focus for the islands sailing fraternity and a level of luxury family accommodation previously unavailable on Hamilton Island.

For the more affordable accommodation options on Hamilton Island, you can also look to stay in one of the many holiday homes on Hamilton Island or at the Whitsunday Holiday Apartments which are located on the beachfront on the resort side of the island. No matter which Hamilton Island accommodation fits your budget, you will not be dissapointed when you arrive.

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