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Holiday and Travel Information for Lady Elliot Island, Australia

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Lady Elliot Island is one of the very few true coral cays that have a resort on them on the whole of the Great Barrier Reef. The other two are Heron Island off Gladstone and Green Island, just out from Cairns. When you stay on a true coral cay, you are staying on a sand bank built up on the leeward side of a coral reef structure and this means that when you walk into the water you are right on the Great Barrier Reef itself. This type of island is the ideal place to holiday if you are into diving and snorkeling. Lady Elliot Island also has lots of other unique attractions with a large colony of breeding sea birds coming to the island and these include some extremely rare species. It is also a turtle rookery and large turtles of four different species return here annually to lay there eggs on the beach and let the warm sand incubate them. Island staff will take you on guided tours to see the turtles laying their eggs in the sand or to watch the hatchlings dig themselves out and make a rush for the ocean.

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The resort on Lady Elliot Island is a budget resort by modern standards with accommodation in clean and comfortable beach front cabins or in permanent tents with hard floors. There is an excellent restaurant and bar and the dive shop is well equipped and does a roaring trade. The diving here is reputed to be the best on the Great Barrier Reef and visibility is usually better than 25 meters. The Islands logo is the Manta Ray and these magnificent creatures are often spotted around the reefs by the divers. There are also plenty of other sea creatures to see including sharks, rays, turtles and millions of fish. Access to Lady Elliot Island is only by air, with an airport right on the island. Flights come from Bundaberg or Hervey Bay every day and return again in the evening. You can also do a day tour to the island which is a great way to spend a special day with your family.

If you are coming to Australia for a holiday and you want to visit the Great barrier Reef, as most tourist do, then there is no better destination to properly appreciate the majesty of the reef than Lady Elliot Island.

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