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Holiday and tourist information for Lord Howe Island

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With only a mere 280 people being lucky enough to call Lord Howe Island their home and with visitor numbers being restricted to 400 people at any one time, you can start to imagine a place that is barely untouched by man and holds pristine beauty and wonder that is out of this world. Lord Howe Island just off the North Coast boasts a precious natural environment that will leave you spell bound and breathless and with the abundance of attractions, you can look forward to a getaway to remember.

Lord Howe Island is a place of extraordinary contrasts and it encased in the southern-most coral reef in the world which was listed as a World Heritage site in 1982. With its rugged volcanic peaks, beautiful and lush rainforests, lagoons and pristine beaches every direction your look when you are on Lord Howe Island will leave you amazed.

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Lord Howe Island was made from a volcanic eruption some seven million years ago and is just 11kms long and 2kms wide with two thirds of the island being covered in natural forests and lush vegetation. With Banyan Trees and Kentia Palms lining the streets and foreshore is creates a serene place to relax and unwind away from the everyday stresses of life. The waters are crystal clear and the beaches that ribbon the island are pristine and the birds and wildlife are in abundance as pollution on the island is zero.

Lord Howe Island is still a place where people ride bikes to get to where they are going and the fish are still in abundance in the aqua lagoon that you swim in, fish in and dive straight into right from the water's edge. Straight from the beach you can dive into an underwater world that well leave you amazed, with coral reef gardens and brightly coloured reef fish all within your reach. Surfing is also another popular pastime on the island with Blinky beach being one of the more popular places to catch a wave or two.

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Plan your romantic honeymoon or trip for two to this desirable island destination or even your next family trip or corporate function. Lord Howe Island is a place that is perfect for all types of getaway no matter what you are planning. With so many things to see and do the whole family can be entertained, and with romantic hideaways scattered over the island, deserted beaches and tranquil bays to enjoy you can look forward to privacy and romance at its very best right here on Lord Howe Island.

Plan a day of swimming, surfing, fishing or diving or perhaps you might like to take a charter boat out to the outer reef where you can do some deep sea or reef fishing or even take part in some of Australia's finest diving expeditions. Finish the day off with a brisk beach walk or bush walk through the lush National Park or perhaps book yourself on an island tour to learn more about the fascinating history. There are even some more strenuous hikes up Mt Gower which is rated as one of the world's best day walks and at the end of it you can book yourself into a relaxing day spa for some pampering to ease your tired muscles. There is also the chance to have a round of golf or take bike ride around the island or even wander through the interested museums, visitor centre and galleries on the island. Young or old there is something for everyone on Lord Howe Island.

Flights leave at regular times throughout the week from different points, including Sydney and Brisbane, as well as flights that leave directly from Port Macquarie between the months of February and June and September and December. So if you are in search of the perfect island escape, then Lord Howe Island is awaiting your arrival.

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