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Mackay Fishing Charters

When looking for the ideal place to spend your next fishing holiday, remember Mackay fishing charters. Mackay is probably the best location on the Great Barrier Reef to get amonst some of the best sport, game and reef fishing that the Australian charter fishing scene has to offer. Situated on the central coast of Queensland, Mackay is almost the furthest land point from the Great Barrier Reef. It is almost 60 nautical miles of relatively open water from the mainland to the shelter of the reef and while this doesnt sound like a good thing, it has made the fishing in this area incredible. When talking about small boats, distance is the enemy so when it is over an hour and a half to the better fishing spots, a lot of the small boats stay in close and the awesome offshore fishing is left to the guys with bigger boats and indeed - charter boats. A fishing charter from mackay is probably your best chance of experiencing what the local fishing is all about and a relatively small fleet means that standards in this area are very high. Catches of Red Emperor, Mackeral, Nannygai, Coral Trout, Sweetlip and tuna are common just to name a few and there is a year round sport fishery around the inner and outer islands chasing those brutes of the ocean - the Giant Trevally.

Charter fishing in Mackay is probably a little more expensive than most other places due to the long distances that the boats have to travel as well as the number of days that are cut out due to weather but you really do get what you pay for. On an average day, one of the local operators claims that they have no problem filling a 160L ice box with quality reef fish with only 8 people fishing. The gear that you are supplied with is all top of the line and new. The bait is fresh and everything is done for you by an experianced deckhand. Lets not forget also that when you get back to port all you have to do is grab your fish and head for home. There is no cleaning or any of the dirty work for you to do.

Most Mackay fishing charters leave from the Mackay Marina. This marina is probably one of the best marina facilities in Australia with excellent parking, security and extra wide marina fingers. Three phase power is also available on the larger berths. The Mackay Marina is situated north of the Pioneer river on the outskirts of town and is about an 8 min drive from the Mackay CBD. Good accomodation is also available at the marina itself with the Clarion Hotel situated right on the waters edge with amazing views of the harbour.