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Holiday at Magnetic Island in Queensland Australia

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Magnetic island is situated off the far north Queensland coast just a short ferry ride from the thriving city of Townsville. As its name implies the island is now magnetic to tourists wanting to explore its beautiful beaches and bays and experience its wildlife. Capt James Cook called it Magnetic Island in 1770 for a totally different reason. He discovered that the island caused a magnetic anomaly which caused his compass to diverge. Magnetic Island has several new resorts with two being located on the shores of the new boat harbour. The island is famous for its unique scenery with many granite outcrops and hoop pines overlooking sparkling bays with white sandy beaches.

Magnetic Island, QueenslandMagnetic Island, QueenslandMagnetic Island, Queensland

The island is accessed by ferry from Townsville. There is a fast catamaran service as well as a vehicular barge. Many people have made their homes on Magnetic Island and these regular barge services allow the residents the opportunity to access the mainland. Most of the roads on Magnetic Island are sealed and electricity is cabled under the harbour to service the island. The island is now the home of almost every mini moke that was ever imported into Australia. They have all migrated here to join a unique car hire business on the island. Many day trippers hire a moke for the day and have a picnic at one of the beautiful local beaches. The cost of the moke hire is less than the cost of bringing your vehicle to the island and the topless moke's add to the holiday atmosphere.

Magnetic Island is the home of the largest colony of Koala's in Australia. It is also home to a number of other unique species. Wallabys and kangaroo are also plentiful. There is a nice golf course and plenty of sensational bushwalks. Some of the islands bays and beaches a really picturesque and places like Horseshoe Bay are popular with the locals, tourists and passing yachties. The shopping center here has several great restaurants, cafes and galleries. The best Magnetic Island accommodation is in resorts at the harbour.

If you are having a holiday in Australia, then come and visit Magnetic Island on your way around.

Magnetic Island, QueenslandMagnetic Island, QueenslandMagnetic Island, Queensland

Magnetic Island