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Melbourne, Australia. Holidays and Travel

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Melbourne is one of the best cities in Australia where you can dance, shop, dine, see concerts, shows, live entertainment etc, all in the one city! You will find it hard to even sleep in the great Melbourne accommodation when you are here, just so that you can fit everything in. From dawn until dusk and then way on into the night you can party up hard, dance the night away, select from hundreds of eateries and restaurants, do some sightseeing, take a cruise or enjoy a variety of cruises and water activities that are great for all ages.

Melbourne is a city where anything goes, day or night, summer or winter the list is simply endless when it comes to choosing what you can do while holiday in this amazing city! Wander the interesting laneways where you can find art galleries, designer outlets, cafes galore, cutting edge boutiques and so much more. Walk down Flinders Lane or through the Block Arcade or Howey Place. Experience the arts and culture that makes up a majority of the city and soak up the sophistication and grandeur ever present with every corner that you turn. From the main shopping centres to laneways and famous streets where you can find absolutely everything, there is no end to the things that you buy in Melbourne; your wallet will certainly have a decent work out here.

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From the beautiful parks and gardens, botanical gardens, sports stadiums, food and wine festivals to the film festivals, theatres and abundance of activities and other main attractions your days here can be brimming with excitement and wonder. It is a city that exudes a Victorian era yet holds tall standing skyscrapers that reach to the skies and is a place where you can dine on the finest foods, sample the finest wines and look forward to everything modern as well as everything aged.

You can watch huge sporting events, international concerts, performing art shows and book a seat at an array of international productions that base themselves directly out of Melbourne. You can see historic buildings, museums, visit underwater world or perhaps book yourself in for a pampering package to really kick start your holiday. There are so many attractions in Melbourne that the list is endless! Then there is the nightlife in Melbourne which is an attraction in its own right from bars, clubs, cocktail bars and lounge, pubs and more all offering live bands and a great night out. You can kick up your heels and dance the night away!

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For those of you who wish to get outdoors perhaps you might like to go kayaking or canoeing or even take to the many tracks for some cycling or walking for the afternoon. You can take a dip at one of Melbourne's beaches or do some boating or fishing just off shore. There is every chance to have a round golf or play some tennis or go horse riding for the afternoon and if you want to slow the pace down a little why not join in on some Tai Chi to calm the nerves. From relaxation and rejuvenation to adventure and thrill seeking tours you can fill up your days in Melbourne however you see fit for your holiday!

Melbourne truly is a city that never sleeps and offers every imaginable activity, attractions and an array of accommodation from budget through to luxury five star style. You can stay in hotels, motels, backpacking hostels, five star resorts, self contained villas and apartments, holiday homes and B&Bs. If you are looking for a particular style of accommodation you will find it in Melbourne. So start planning a trip to this wonderful location for a time to remember!

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