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Queensland Islands, Australia

The Queensland islands contain many of Australia's most sought after resort destinations. Both international visitors and domestic tourists love to come to one of the Queensland Island resorts for an annual holiday or a short stay as part of an Australian travel itinerary. In some cases it is possible to enjoy staying on a beautiful island and experience the wonder of the Great Barrier reef, all in the one place. Places like Lady Elliot island, Green island and Heron island all fall into this category as they are coral atolls sitting on top of the reef itself.

The Whitsunday islands are the most visited of all the Queensland islands. They are so well developed and easy to get to that the convenience of a visit from anywhere in Australia makes them number one for tourist visits in Australia. Hamilton Island has the largest resort and it is also the point of entry as is airport services all the Whitsunday Islands. Hamilton island also has the most accommodation and its luxury level properties are superior to anything else the Whitsundays have to offer. Other popular islands in this region include Brampton Island, Long Island which has three resorts, Hayman Island and Daydream Island.

Queensland IslandsQueensland IslandsQueensland Islands

National Parks feature often among the Queensland Islands. Fraser Island is almost all national park as well as being world heritage listed. It is also the worlds largest sand island and is well known for its spectacular rain forests and magnificent lakes. Both Moreton island and Stradbroke Island are also large sand islands with beautiful scenery and are close to Brisbane and the Gold Coast in the south east corner of Queensland. In the very far north lie several great holiday destinations. Lizard island provides an oasis of five star luxury set in the remote northern regions of the Great Barrier Reef and specialises in diving and fishing adventures. Dunk Island is like a tropical jewel with beautiful beaches and rain forests as well as stunning mountain bush walks. Dunk island also has a myriad activities and is a popular family destination.

Queensland also has two special islands where the guest numbers are very limited and privacy, great food and exceptional service are the order of the day. These two islands attract the rich and famous and the well to do to an island paradise where the guests anonymity is the primary concern. They are Bedarra Island and Orpheus island and both lie in the far north of the state. No matter what you require when choosing a Queensland island destination, you will certainly be able to find something that will fit both your budget and your requirements.

Queensland IslandsQueensland IslandsQueensland Islands