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Australian holiday information for Rockhampton & Yeppoon

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Rockhampton and Yeppoon are the two population centers at the northern extremity of the Discovery Coast. Rockhampton is the commercial center and Yeppoon lies on the coast and has all of the holiday attractions. If you are visiting the region, you can fly in direct to Rockhampton airport or you can arrive by train or coach. Rockhampton is the center of a booming agricultural and mining region and is a wealthy city. There is also a coal loading facility at Hay Point which is situated just to the south. Also just to the south is the port and industrial city of Gladstone. In the hinterland, towns like Mount Morgan are active gold mining towns and have great atmosphere. Emerald lies in the center of a rich agricultural district as well as being in the central Queensland gemfields and coal mining region. Most of the produce from these mines and farms is exported through the port facilities at Gladstone or processed through Rockhampton. The city of Rockhampton is the capital of the Australian Beef industry and the sale yards here are the largest in the country. The Rockhampton Rodeo attracts riders from around the country and internationally.

Yeppoon is the main coastal holiday center. The coastline from Emu Park in the south through to the Byfield National Park in the north is known as the Capricorn Coast and is a popular tourist destination. Just offshore lie the Keppel Isles and Great Keppel Island is the biggest and best known island in the group. There are day tours available from Rosslyn Bay boat harbour to visit the islands and the surrounding area. In the northern end of the Capricorn Coast is the beautiful golfing resort run by Rydges Hotels and a little further north is the Byfield National Park with its spectacular coastal scenery. The weather through this region is sub tropical so it is a great place to visit any time of the year. In Yeppoon you will find excellent holiday accommodation, a great beach and plenty of good cafes and restaurants.

If you are planning an Australian holiday, this region is a popular place to visit. There are excellent facilities for the campervan traveler and lots to see and do. Make sure that Rockhampton and Yeppoon are on your travelling itinerary.