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Holiday and skiing information for the Snowy Mountains, Australia.

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The Snowy Mountains are one of the icons of the Australian tourist scene. This is an alpine region as you have never seen it before. It is one of the most pristine wilderness areas in the country and the best way to see it is on foot, on horseback or on skis. It is interspersed with mountain lakes, most of which are part of the Snowy Mountain hydro electric scheme and these lakes are all stocked with plenty of rainbow and brown trout. It is an outdoorsman's paradise. It is home to some of Australia's most unusual wildlife and most beautiful plants and wildflowers. The Pygmy Possum lives here along with a host of other unique species. The alpine region is the home of the Australian snow gum and there is no more beautiful tree in the country.

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The Snowy Mountains are now best known for their skiing resorts. The Australian ski fields in both New South Wales and Victoria have something to offer that you will not find anywhere else. Skiing here has that special atmosphere that is so definitely Aussie. In New South Wales there are three ski resorts. Perisher Valley is the largest in Australia and is made up from several smaller resorts that are all interlinked by lifts. They include Perisher Blue, Guthega, Charlottes Pass and Blue Cow. Mount Selwyn is the smallest and has a very laid back atmosphere. It is reasonably priced and very popular with school groups. Thredbo is the swankiest and has a great village with lots of great accommodation, restaurants and cafes. All have up to the minute snow making equipment, ski hire and tuition and ski patrol.

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In Victoria, there are four skiing resorts. Mt Buffalo is the smallest but makes up for it with the magnificent views and forests there. Mt Buller is the closest to Melbourne and extremely busy. Falls Creek is the largest and the furthest into the mountains where it has the most reliable snowfalls. It averages over four meters per year. Last but certainly not least in Victoria is Mount Hotham. Hotham is the only one that has its own airport and you can fly in direct from Melbourne. The mountain scenery around the Victorian alpine region is some of the most spectacular in the country, so make sure you don't forget your camera.

Any one coming to Australia for a holiday who likes to ski, should do everything in their power to visit Australia's Snowy Mountains region.

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