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The Kimberley, Australia. Holidays, cruises,tours and travel.

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The Kimberley region in Western Australia is a place so spectacular that it is hard to find a place like it anywhere else in the world. With cascading waterfalls, rock pools, gorges, wildlife of every kind, river systems, vast plains and mountainous ranges. It is a place where you can escape to, get close to nature and rejuvenate the body mind and soul as you visit a place so special that it will retain a place in your heart. Covering an area of over 90,000 square kilometres, the Kimberley and Pilbara areas are thousands of years old and holds many fascinating stories. Back in 1977 it was discovered that Lake Argyle held the world's most precious diamonds so while in visiting The Kimberley why not take a scenic flight over the mine.

Book into one of the many luxurious resorts, suites, bungalows and hotels in The Kimberley and get taken on a journey of a lifetime. Step back into Dream Time as you learn about the Aboriginal culture and let this place capture you in the best way possible. Lose yourself in nature and experience an abundance of wildlife, plant life and other species not seen anywhere else! It can be a harsh environment yet a beautiful one as well with the stunning places that you can visit here.

Let a tour guide take you to places that will amaze you, walk through National Parks, grasslands and wetlands! Get close to nature as you go hiking or bush walking with an experienced guide who will teach you about the Aboriginal way of the land. Take a swim in a rock pool, dive from cascading waterfalls or go canoeing up the river systems for the day. There are many opportunities and different ways to experience The Kimberley, whether it is in an air conditioned coach, four wheel drive, by foot or up river.

Take a trip to Mitchell Falls, Cape Leveque or one of the outback towns that are scattered throughout The Kimberley. It is one of the remotest, wildest yet the most beautiful place on earth so why wouldn't you want to come and see if for yourself. Whether you stay in one of the accommodation places here or plan to camp out under the star strewn sky, you must make it to here. See red gorges and ranges, untouched beaches and coastline and discover a destination that is jam packed full of fun, excitement and adventure as well as being one of the very places where you can truly escape from it all.

Fall in love with this captivating place, one of the last true wilderness areas left on the planet and see why so many people keep coming back to The Kimberley time and time again. With its epic landscapes, breathtaking scenery and abundance of flora and fauna there is simply no end to the list of possibilities and opportunity that you will have at your fingertips! Visit place like Broome where you watch the sunset as you do a camel ride along the beach, go fishing, diving or snorkelling in some of Australia's finest turquoise waters or perhaps do scenic flight for a great view from up above.

Whether you are planning a romantic trip for two, a family vacation, honeymoon, business trip, backpacking stopover or just a vacation with friends, you will find so many things to wet your appetite when holiday in The Kimberley.

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