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Tours of Australia

Sometimes when holidaying in Australia, it is best to take an organized tour to see the best of the countries great attractions. There are a large number of tour companies operating in Australia and some have many different itineraries on offer. Distances in Australia can be vast and it is often wise to let some one else do the driving and make all of the necessary arrangements for accommodation, food, side trips and finding the way around. Most of the bigger companies have well trained and experienced drivers who have done it all before and know what to expect. They can also provide expert commentary to make sure that you are properly informed.

In the outback, experience can mean the difference between a disaster and having a great time. Proper planning means that you arrive at your designated camp or accommodation on time. It means there is back up if something goes wrong and it means that you eat when and where you are supposed to eat. The logistics of travelling in remote areas are only as good as the thought, planning and experience that the tour company has gained over time. Many areas are almost impossible to see unless you use an experienced tour company.

In the outback it is essential to use four wheel drive vehicles if you want to see some of the more remote attractions. Once you get off the sealed highway you are on your own and your tour operators experience is your link to having a successful tour. Along Australia's coast there are many attractions that can only be seen by boat. The Great Barrier Reef is an excellent example. Dive and snorkeling trips need special planning and an operator with fully qualified staff. Skippers, dive instructors and crew members all need to be properly qualified. The Kimberley in Western Australia is another good example as most of the region is inaccessible and without the proper equipment you will not have a good time. Special interest tours are available all over the country and these provide the opportunity to see an activity that you will not otherwise be able to experience. A Hervey Bay Whale Watching tour, for example, requires the tour operator to have a special permit to enter the marine park and he must operate his vessel under a strict set of guidelines. Similarly a tour to Fraser Island or a fishing charter will require the tour operator to have a permit and is only allowed to go to the areas where his permit allows.

There are many regulations that tour operators must adhere to so that the safety and comfort of his passengers is looked after. The industry is well regulated and you can be assured that every effort to increase your enjoyment and to look after your safety while on the tour is taken care of. If you are planning to holiday in Australia, you can be confident of a great experience if you use experienced Australian tour operators.